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“Once Stevens was told that Richards' security pass had been traced back to him, he caved and confessed everything,” said Blake.  “If you hadn’t made that connection from the targets you found at Richards' compound, Stevens would have gotten away with it.  As things are, as soon as he’s out of the hospital he’ll be on his way to prison.”

Jack and Blake were standing by a railing overlooking False Creek.  The huge silver dome of Science World rose up behind them.

“He was planning a coup,” continued Blake.  “Once Premier Stewart was out of the way, as second in line for party leadership Stevens was ready to seize control.  He thought that as a heroic survivor of an assassin’s bullet he'd easily get the Premier’s seat.  I think he had his eye on the Prime Minister’s position.”

“The best laid plans,” said Jack.  “I still can’t help but feel for Richards.  What he went through I wouldn't wish on anyone.  I hope he's found some peace.”

“He’s going to be buried with his family on Galiano.  What a tragedy.”

“At least it’s over,” said Jack.

“So what now?”

“I think I need a break.  Take a vacation somewhere.  Just not Galiano.”

Jack shook Blake’s hand and started to walk away.

“Hey, Jack,” said Blake.

Jack turned.  “What?”

“We’ll see you soon.”




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